Automatically Pause Based on Date by Dimensions

These scripts automatically updates the status of advertising groups to “Paused” if their associated events are in the past.

What can I do with this?

This script helps advertisers with short-term campaign manage at scale. Eliminate wasted spend on past events.

  • Automate scheduling of promotional campaigns
  • Manage high-volume, short-term campaigns (e.g. ticket sales)
  • Set Event Date upon campaign creation

Google offers the ability to have a campaign end date, this script extends the capability to the group level and enable auto-pause functionality across publishers.


How it works

Set End date as a dimension and the script will automatically set the campaign to Paused if Current Date is later than End Date.



  • You must have a dimension of End Date


  • Account
  • Campaign
  • Group
  • Status


Written by Kelsey Kamp

Last published at: May 5th, 2024