"Error Retrieving Campaigns" Error Message

What Is The Issue?

When working with the platform's Linking Wizard, specifically on the Campaigns tab, you may encounter the following error message:

Error Retrieving Campaigns. Please Return To Account Settings And Try Again.


What Causes The Issue?

There are three different causes for this particular error message, as follows:

1) You Are Linked Via Account Credentials In A Google Or Microsoft Account

This error means that your Google or Microsoft account credentials have changed recently and they need to be updated in the platform interface in order for the accounts to remain linked.

2) You Are Linked Via Marin MCC In A Google Account

This error means that the publisher account somehow became unlinked from the Marin MCC. Please file a ticket citing this article and Customer Support will be able to send a new invitation.

3) You Are Using The Parent Client Account MCC

This error can mean that the incorrect account ID has been used during the linking process. If you have tried to use the ID of the parent client account's MCC instead of the child account, this will not retrieve any campaigns.

4) The Account You've Linked Has No Campaigns

This error message can also appear if you link in an empty account which has not yet had any campaigns added. If there are no campaigns within an account, our platform naturally can't retrieve any campaigns, and thus this error message will appear. To solve the error in this case, you'll need to first create some campaigns either within our platform or on the publisher's side.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: May 31st, 2023