Changing Publisher Credentials In Marin

There may be occasions when you change your credentials (your password, for example) for a particular publisher. In this case you will need to also update your credentials in the platform. We’ll explain how to do this below.

How To Change Publisher Credentials

Just follow these steps to update your credentials:

  1. Navigate to Accounts > Publishers then click the Manage Accounts button.
  2. Click the Linked Accounts tab
  3. Select the desired publisher.
  4. Click View on the account you wish to edit. Here you can update the account information and authentication.

Once you have updated your credentials, you may still see a red error message saying "Invalid username/password." This message will not disappear immediately, but it should resolve after the nightly sync has taken place. To learn more about this error, check out our documentation here.

Additional Information

  • If you update your credentials within the publisher interface and not in the platform, you may encounter the error: Invalid username / password on account: XXXXX. Click here to update credentials. Following the process above should resolve this error. Read our help article for more information.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: January 18th, 2024