Integrating Reddit Accounts with Marin Software

Marin Software is excited to announce our newest integration with Reddit. This integration enables you to link you Reddit Ads accounts directly into Marin, streamlining the process of managing your digital advertising across multiple platforms. Initially, this integration includes reporting and analytics, with campaign management and optimization coming soon.



Features Supported

Data Support: The integration allows for object and cost/revenue data importation from Reddit, enabling a consolidated view of statistics and analytics.

Reporting: Users can export detailed reports for their Reddit campaigns directly in Marin's platform. 


Features Not Yet Supported

Object management and editing: Currently, the integration does not support direct management or editing of Reddit campaign objects (like ads, campaigns, budgets, etc.) from within Marin. These features are planned for future releases.


To ensure a smooth integration process, please follow the steps outlined below:

Contact the Dedicated Reddit Rep: Before linking your Reddit account with Marin, you must contact Marin's dedicated Reddit representative to request API access for their Reddit account. Please reach out to Kolby Howell via email at Kolby will assist with the initial setup and address any specific requirements or concerns you might have.

Verify Account Details: Ensure that your Reddit account details are up-to-date and that you have administrative access to the accounts you wish to link. This verification is crucial for a successful integration.

Prepare for Integration: Familiarize yourself with the current functionalities supported by the Marin integration. Since object management and edits are not supported, you may need to continue managing your Reddit campaigns directly through the Reddit Ads Manager.


Once you have coordinated with Kolby Howell and confirmed that your account is ready to be linked, follow these steps within Marin to initiate the integration:

Log in to Marin: Sign into your Marin Software account.

Access the Integration Panel: Navigate to the ‘Publishers’ grid found on the left hand navigation menu.

Add Reddit Account: Click the ‘Manage Accounts' button and choose Reddit from the list of available publishers.

Authenticate: Follow the prompts to authorize Marin to access your Reddit advertising data. This step usually requires you to log in to your Reddit account and authorize the data sharing permissions.

Complete Setup: After authenticating, finalize any additional settings as prompted, and complete the integration setup.

Written by Jonathan Silverman

Last published at: June 25th, 2024