URL Builder Parameter Publisher Equivalents

Below you'll find a table which provides a list of common parameters used in the platform's URL Builder, along with their equivalents across the various supported publishers. 

Comparision Table 

You can use this table to cross-reference any URL Builder parameter to find its equivalent parameter for other publishers. Note that some parameters may not be supported by all publishers, or may be exclusive to the platform. If you have any questions, please reach out to your platform representative. 

Parameter Google Microsoft Gemini Marin Macro Custom Paramter
publisher - - - [publisher] No
dimension - - - [dimension_name] Yes
campaign - {Campaign} - - Yes
tracker_id - - - [tracker_id] No
client {client} - - [client] No
group - {AdGroup} {adgroupid} [group] Yes
uniq_id - - - [uniq_ID] Yes
click_though_url - - - [Click_Through_URL] No
distribution - - - [distribution] No
matchtype {matchtype} {BidMatchType} {BidMatchType} or {matchtype} [matchtype] No
creative {creative} {AdId} {AdId} or {creative} [creative_id] No
keyword {keyword} {keyword} {keyword} [keyword_text] No
device Yes {device} {device} [device] No
ifsearch/if content {ifsearch:s}{ifcontent:c} {IfSearch:s}{IfContent:c} - - No
network {network} - {network} - No
ifsearch/ifphone - - {IfSearch:string}{IfPhone:string} - No
Product ID {product_id} - - - No
placement {placement} - - - No

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 30th, 2023