Marin URL Parameters


Marin provides special parameters that can be used as placeholders within Destination URLs. When new keyword URLs are built, these parameters will be replaced with the appropriate value. The parameters are listed on the URL Builder page and described below.

Text Insertion

These parameters are replaced with the text string.

Parameter Description Example
[publisher] Inserts name of current publisher Google
[campaign] Inserts campaign name Running Shoes
[match] Inserts keyword match type Broad
[client] Inserts client name Powpow Sports
[uniq_id] Generates and inserts keyword ID Ak4ia098
[click_through_url] Inserts click-through URL http://www.pps...
[unencoded_click_through_url] Inserts original click-through URL, with no html coding  
[dimension] Inserts value of specified Dimension field Brand
[keyword] Inserts keyword text buy running shoes

Any characters that are not URL-safe will be URL encoded when inserted into the URL. Note: this does not apply to [unencoded_click_through_url]

Note: Spaces will be encoded as %20 when built into URLs. For example, when the campaign name includes a space.

Parameter Insertion

Parameters that are replaced with the appropriate dynamic insertion parameter for each publisher. This allows you to use the same URL builder setting across all publishers without having to worry about the differences between the publishers. The following parameters will not be updated if edits are made to the keyword or its parent objects. Parameters are used solely for building new keyword URLs. 

Our platform’s parameter Google value Microsoft value
[distribution] {ifsearch:s}{ifcontent:c} n/a
[creative_id] {creative} {AdId}
[keyword_text] {keyword} {keyword}
[matchtype] {matchtype} {BidMatchType}
[device] {device} {Device}


  • The [device] parameter also resolves to {device} for Yahoo! Japan.
  • What gets populated in the dynamic publisher parameters in {} is controlled by publisher, not the platform.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: January 18th, 2024