Identifying Keywords with Missing URLs or Tracking Parameters


Using Marin's Column Selector, it's easy to find objects with missing URLs or tracking parameters. The following steps will walk you through how to identify and resolve any affected keywords and ads.

At The Keyword Level

Just follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Accounts > Keywords
  2. Bring in the following columns via the Column Selector
    • Account
    • Campaign
    • Group
    • Match Type
    • Destination URL (*Bring in the Click Though URL as well if using re-directs)
  3. Filter in the destination URL column for doesn’t contain “mkwid”. If "mkwid" is not a tracking parameter used, filter for one of the account-specific tracking parameters. This filter will bring up all keywords with either no URLs or URLs missing that specific tracking parameter. 
  4. Create a report and export to Excel. 
  5. Fill in any empty destination URLs (or click through URLs if using re-directs) if needed and re-upload using a bulk upload. If the URL builder is set up, it will automatically append the correct tracking parameters to any existing base URLs.

    Note: If using redirects, you will need to remove the Destination URL column and use the Click Through URL when uploading the report back into the platform.

At The Creative Level

The same process above can be used to find ads with no destination URLs or tracking parameters. Make sure to bring in the following columns:

  • Account
  • Campaign
  • Group
  • Destination URL (or Click Though URL if you're using redirects)

If using redirects, you will need to remove the Destination URL column and use the Click Through URL when uploading the report back into Marin.

How To Find Microsoft URLs With {Param1} Not Set

Note: This section only applies if you are not using Microsoft's Destination URL field at the keyword level. 

If you are using keyword-level tracking with Microsoft, it’s important to set creative destination URLs to {param1} in order to tell Microsoft to call upon the keyword-level URL. More information can be found here.

  1. Navigate to Accounts > Creatives.
  2. Bring in the following columns via Column Selector
    • Account
    • Campaign
    • Group
    • Destination URL 
  3. Apply a filter to show Microsoft only and second filter to the Destination URL column for Does Not Contain param1
  4. Using a bulk upload, create a report and export it to Excel, then populate the Destination URL column with {param1}, and upload your file via the bulk upload functionality. (Note that even when using redirects, you will still need to set Destination URLs to {param1}, not Click Though URLs).

Handy Tip

Marin allows you to create alerts that automatically identify and notify you if any new keywords and/or ads have missing tracking parameters. Check out our article to learn more.


Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: January 18th, 2024