Verifying a Revenue Upload


Once revenue has been uploaded, verify that it is displaying correctly.

Verify A Revenue Upload

Click on Admin located in the upper right corner and select the Activity Log tab. If revenue upload is still occurring, you will see the animated "spinner" rotating next to the message "uploading bulk file" just above the grid. Once the upload has completed, a message in the grid area will display the success status.

If the upload was successful, then every revenue entry was attributed successfully. If any problems were encountered during the upload process, an error message will display the number of issues that exist within the revenue upload file. Click on the link to download the error file. This file highlights each instance where the application was unable to successfully attribute revenue.

Revenue upload errors are typically driven by one of the following problems:

  1. The keyword ID used in the upload was not associated with any keyword destination URL
  2. The keyword ID was associated with a deleted keyword
  3. The keyword ID was associated with more than one keyword (duplicate keywords with the same URL exist)

Our application has the tools to assist in the analysis of keyword destination URLs, building out unique keyword URLs from creative URLs, and keyword generation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Client Services team for assistance.

Best Practices

Search Best Practices: Multiple Conversion Events

If your business model utilizes multiple conversion events with a single click, the best practice for correctly bidding is to aggregate the value of these conversions into a single conversion. If you are using publisher tracking or our application's tracking, this will occur automatically. If you are uploading revenue, aggregate the value of the individual conversions and assign the total value to the original click.

Search Best Practices: Latent Conversion Events

For businesses with delayed conversions, the best practice is to assign the revenue to the click date. This is only a concern with revenue uploads. This is handled automatically for publisher tracking and our application's tracking.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: May 2nd, 2023