Understanding Revenue Upload Delays


You may find that, particularly during busy periods of the year (such as Christmas and Black Friday), your revenue data uploads take longer than usual to appear within the Activity Log of the platform.

How To Check If A Revenue File Has Been Uploaded

At busy periods, we suggest that you wait a little longer to see if the revenue file is uploaded correctly.

However, if you think a revenue file may have been uploaded late (or not at all), you can check by clicking the Admin link in the upper-right of the platform to go to the Activity Log. From here, follow these steps:

  1. Check the rows for the day in question, then look for an entry with the words Revenue Upload in it. If you can't see any right away, you can filter for the word 'revenue'.
  2. If you cannot find a revenue upload for the day, we may not have received the file by FTP.
  3. Next, please check that there is nothing wrong with your usual FTP upload process. If everything seems okay, please contact your platform representative, who will help you send the file successfully.

Additional Notes About Processing

  • Please note that when a revenue file is uploaded to the platform, it can take some time for the platform to attribute all conversions etc. to the correct objects at the correct level.
  • If you have other processes running or queued, this can further increase the processing time for revenue files.
  • Please note that things such as server maintenance or updates can also cause delays in the processing of a revenue file.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: May 30th, 2023