Possible Reasons For Device Data Going to Other


When tracking conversions tagged with device, you may find that device data is tracked 'other'. There are multiple reasons why device data might go to other. In this article, you review some of the most common reasons.

Latent Conversions

Latent conversions might cause data attributed to other instead of a device, as the initial click might not have included {device}. This will typically impact you, if you are using Date of Conversion Tracking.

Tracking IDs Section Not Configured Correctly For A URL Format

To ensure your Tracking IDs are configured correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Admin link in the upper-right.
  2. Select the Revenue sub-tab.
  3. Click Tracking IDs in the left-hand menu.

Using The Combined Approach

Example of combined URL:


The Device type appended? box needs to be checked off, and the Device delimiter needs to be set as Underscore ('_').

Possible values are Underscore ('_'), Pipe ('|'), and Hyphen ('-').

Using The Separate Approach

Example of separate URL:


If you use the platform Tracker, you need to have the {Device} Parameter tab filled out. In this above example, the Parameter Name is 'pdv', the Value Separator is the Equals Sign ('=') and the Stop Character can be set as Ampersand ('&').

URL Builder Not Set Up To Include Device

If you use URL Builder, make sure the {device} parameter is included, so new URLs will be built with it included. Be sure to also check Product Target URL builder if it applies.

Keywords On Google Or Yahoo! Japan Do Not Have {Device}

Use grid filters to identify keywords not tagged with {device}. Filters might include Destination URL does not contain pdv={device}, _d{device}, -d{device}, or |d{device}.

Sitelinks Not Tagged With {Device}

Depending on the method used for tracking sitelinks, as well as the method used for tracking device, you may need to update your Sitelink URLs directly in Google Ads. For enhanced Sitelinks, you will need to verify, if they are tagged with {device} in Google Ads, since we do not currently sync enhanced ad extensions into the platform.

Product Targets

Google is experiencing an error on their end in which they do not consistently populate {device} on PLAs (Product Listing Ads) even if the {device} parameter is in the URL. One possible work around to receive this data is to copy the PLA URLs to the Google Ads redirect field in Google Merchant Center.

Using Other Revenue Sources (Including FTP)

If you are using other revenue sources, such as FTP, you will need to ensure that the Device parameter is appended to the keyword ID, or provided in its own Device column. Otherwise, the data may appear in Other.

Creative Not Tagged With {Device}

You are doing creative level tracking or A/B test, and creative is not tagged with {device}.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: May 30th, 2023