Using The Marin Tracker Pixel Across Multiple Client Accounts (Cross-Client Attribution)


Cross-client attribution is a solution using Marin Tracker when it is necessary to use one pixel to track data across multiple client accounts. Please reach out to your account representative for more information on this solution and to have this feature enabled.

Using Cross-Client Attribution

All of the Tracker data will be loaded into the client that has the Tracker ID implemented on the site (Master client). Each night the application will create a Revenue File and attempt to attribute conversion and revenue data to the keywords and creatives in the Master client.

  • If no match is found in the Master client, the application will attempt to find a match in the other clients that are setup to use cross-client attribution.
  • If a match is found in the other client, the Revenue File in the Master client will note which client the conversion and revenue was attributed to. The client with the match will also have a Revenue File that lists the keywords and creatives that were matched.

Tracking IDs

If using Cross Client Attribution, do not parse on keyword and match type. The application will attempt to find a match in the Master client for the parsed keyword and match type even if there is a better match (with tracking ID and creative ID) in one of the other clients. This can result in mis-attribution.

Revenue Assists

In order to calculate assists, the application must be able to locate the assisting keywords in the application. Please click here for more information. Currently the application will only look for keywords within the Master client. Therefore, any assisting keywords that exist in the other clients will not be counted as revenue assists. Only assists that occur for keywords in the Master client will be included.

URL Builder

URL Builder and the Tracking IDs page must be consistent across all clients using cross-client attribution.

Conversion Types

If you are using Cross-Client Attribution, you'll need to have the same conversion types in all accounts. A parent account will generate a revenue file with only the conversion types which exist in that parent account, so a child account with additional conversion types will not get anything attributed for those additional types.

If a parent contains a conversion type that a child account does not, it will result in an Invalid Header error and the revenue upload will fail in the child account.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 9th, 2023