Using Dynamic Text Insertion With {Param2} And {Param3}

In much the same way that Google has its Live Ads feature, Microsoft Advertising offers similar functionality for dynamic text insertion with the use of {param2} and {param3}. This feature allows you to insert values (both numbers and text) at the keyword level to automatically update your ads.

Examples Of {Param2} And {Param3}

Imagine you are bidding on the keyword "coffee" and have set the price ($11) and variety (Kona) as Param values:

Keyword Param 2 (Microsoft Advertising) Param 3 (Microsoft Advertising)
coffee Kona $11

The creative would reference these Param values and include default text much like keyword insertion.

When a customer searches for "coffee", Microsoft Advertising will serve the creative containing the Param values.

Things To Remember

  • Default text
    If a keyword does not have any Param values set then the ad will be served using the default text. Headline "The Best Coffee" and Description "Starting at $9 per pound".
  • Limitations
    Unlike Google, Microsoft Advertising allows text or numeric values to be used as Dynamic Params. However remember that the creative text limits (Headline / Ad title parts: 30 characters and Description / Ad text: 71 characters) will need to be met for the Param values to be shown. Find out more.

How To Set Up Dynamic Parameter Ads

You can view Param values in the platform in the main Keywords grid using the columns Param 2 (Microsoft Advertising) and Param 3 (Microsoft Advertising) which can be found in the Advanced section of the View Builder.

  1. Edit a creative to include Param(s) in the format {param2: default text} shown in the example above. These can be used in the Headline or Description Line 1.
  2. Update the keywords in the group using a bulk upload and the column headers Param 2 (Microsoft Advertising) and Param 3 (Microsoft Advertising) in the bulk sheets.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: December 6th, 2023