"Error Communicating With Microsoft Advertising." (Microsoft Ads Only)

The error will show as one of the following:

  • "There is an error communicating with Microsoft Ads. Please try again and contact your CEM if the problem persists"
  • "Error communicating with Microsoft Ads API"

What Causes The Issue?

This error occurs when there is an Error to be resentFailed or Partially Succeeded bulk upload operation to Microsoft Ads. This is seen in the Activity Log

Why This Issue Occurred

The Microsoft Ads API is not functioning correctly at this moment or is running slowly.

How To Fix The Issue

1. Try uploading your edits or new objects to the publisher again.

2. You can attempt another "edit" on the object to post to the publisher. For example, you can reinforce a Status "edit" by doing the following:

  • Check to see what Status the object is in.
  • Within the platform Grid, select that object (ie. if it is a group, go to the Groups tab and select this group).
  • Select the Pause or Resume icon for the same status (ie. if the object is in a Paused status, click the Pause icon). Although this will not update the actual status, this will still be seen as an "edit".
  • This "edit" will create a job seen in the Activity Log.
  • Post this to the publisher, and any changes seen in the previously error-ed job will also post through.

3. File a Support ticket if you continue to experience this error.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 29th, 2023