"Could Not Find Active Group with Name" or "Could not find active Campaign with name" Error Message

This problem can affect any active group or campaign. When attempting to upload changes via bulk sheet, the operation will fail and you will be presented with either of the following error messages:

For groups:

Could not find active Group with name: GROUPNAMEHERE.

For campaigns:

Could not find active Campaign with name: CAMPAIGNNAMEHERE.

What Causes The Issue?

This error occurs in either of following situations:

  • You are trying to bulk create creatives within groups or campaigns which don’t exist in the platform. You can verify this within the platform by checking for the group name in your campaigns, or the campaign name in your publisher accounts.
  • You are uploading keywords and creatives to new groups or campaigns, but the platform does not finish creating the groups or campaigns yet.
  • You are attempting to upload a keyword bulksheet for a Universal Channel.

How To Fix The Issue

  • You must first create all of the groups or campaigns and push these to the publisher. After these groups or campaigns have been processed, you may proceed to bulk upload without error.
    • If these groups or campaigns already exist on the publisher’s side and just aren't showing up in the platform, please perform a manual sync on those campaigns or accounts (see Synchronizing Data with the Publishers for more info). This will bring in any new groups or campaigns that were created on the publisher’s side. After the groups have been pulled in, you may then try and re-upload the bulk sheet.
  • Wait until the first bulk upload to create new groups or campaigns is finished. Then upload the keywords or creatives to the new groups or campaigns.
  • To build out the campaign structure for a universal channel, you must upload a cost bulksheet, rather than a keyword bulksheet.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 28th, 2023