Keyword Expansion Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find some of the most common questions we receive regarding Keyword Expansion and their answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

From What Date Range Is The Data Being Displayed?

For keyword suggestions from the Search Query Report, the system pulls the 30-day search query report from publishers every three days. And then we do aggregation, pruning, and other processes for those pending keywords. We then generate the platform keyword expansion (keyword suggestion) report.

Why Is Filtering Applied To The Search Query Report?

The keyword suggestion tool is designed to highlight keywords that do not currently exist in your accounts. The search query report is filtered to remove exact match, and any keywords that exist in your account (in any status). Suggested keywords that would not be served based on negative keywords in the seed group or campaign will also not be added as suggestions.

What Does The Date Column Mean?

It is the day that the system generated this keyword suggestion.

What Are The Metrics (I.E. Conversions) Seen In The Keywords Expansions Tab?

These metrics are associated with the suggested keyword based on the data source research tools. For example, if a client is using the Google Ads Search terms report the clicks and conversions will be associated with this source. 

These metrics are not associated with the seed keywords that currently reside in your account.

Note: If you select Publisher search query report as the source of the keyword expansion, you must have the publisher's conversion pixel/tracking installed for the conversions to be shown for the keyword suggestions.

What Is The Time Period For This Query Report?

The default date range for the report is the last 30 days. This range is not editable; the metrics are defined by the source reports.

Why Aren't Any Keywords Populating After I Enable The Publisher Search Query Report?

We pull this data from the publisher every 3 days. It will take 3 days from when you opted into this source for us to receive the first set of data. If you still don't see any data in the Keyword Expansion tab after 3 days, please contact our Customer Support team, who will be happy to help investigate.

Why Doesn't My Data Match The Publisher?

When utilizing the publisher search query report, you may notice that your conversion data does not match when compared to the publisher. This is because we generate the conversion data at the same time as the keywords are generated and that time period may not match the time period shown in the search query report. A discrepancy between the publisher and Marin is expected.

Why Don't I See Conversion Data In The Keyword Expansion Tab?

Due to technical difficulties, we are currently unable to display conversion data for keyword candidates in the Keyword Expansion tab. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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Last published at: June 27th, 2023