Totals In The Grid Do Not Match The Sum Of The Values

What Is The Issue?

You may notice that the totals displayed in the Conversions column within the Channels tab (or other tabs) do not accurately reflect the sum total of each individual value.

What Causes The Issue?

This problem is most often caused by a time zone discrepancy in your publisher or campaign settings. The standard setting for the platform is to adopt the same time zone as the westernmost publisher. However, this can be overwritten internally, which may lead to this issue.

At a certain time each day, the platform will run a background operation to populate the totals field below the grid in Channels and in other tabs. If any of your publisher accounts (or, in the case of Microsoft, campaigns) are set to a different time zone, this operation may happen later for those campaigns, meaning that the totals field is inaccurate.

Please also note that, because the Totals Row is populated in a different way than other rows, it could take longer to calculate - leading to temporary discrepancies. In this case we suggest waiting at least a few hours for the calculations to complete.

How To Fix The Issue

For all publishers except Microsoft, you can fix or prevent this time zone discrepancy by checking that all of your publisher accounts are set to the same time zone. You can do this within the publisher’s interface. In the case of Microsoft, you need to check the time zone within each individual campaign.

Once the time zones have all been unified, we'd recommend waiting at least a day for the platform and publishers to fully synchronize. After that, the total figure on the Channels tab should be accurate.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 12th, 2023