Product Targets Not Tracking Conversions with Redirected URLs

When using Product Targets in combination with Shopping Campaigns on Google, and using third-party redirects, you may notice that no conversions are reported for your Product Targets.

This issue can also occur if you use platform tracking in combination with your third-party integration.

What Causes The Issue?

The most common cause for having no conversions reported under this scenario is that the redirected URL is populated twice in the ad URL when it is clicked.

This is due to the Marin URL Builder building redirected URLs to include the {lpurl} parameter, which dynamically inserts the Product Target’s URL from the Google Merchant Center feed. If the URL in the Merchant Center also contains a third-party URL redirect, this will double the redirect, and conversion attribution will not work correctly.

How To Fix The Issue

The solution to this issue is to remove the redirected URL from the Product Target in your Google Merchant Center. Now the redirect will only be inserted once (via the Marin URL Builder).

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: December 8th, 2023