Tagging URLs via Bulk Upload

When integrating with MarinOne, often your URLs will need to be edited to include required tracking parameters. An easy way to tag URLs across all your publisher accounts is to create a bulk sheet to edit and then upload to MarinOne.

How To Tag URLs Via Bulk Upload

Create A Report To Edit All URLs In Your Account

  1. Depending on what objects you are editing, select the Keywords or Creatives tab. For more information on how to perform a bulk upload, please refer to our dedicated article.
  2. Click the Column Selector to add the necessary columns for creating a URL bulksheet.
  3. Click the Export to create your report. Fill in any necessary details, then click Run Report.
  4. Wait for your report to finish. Completed reports are visible via the Reports section at the bottom-right of the page

Download The Completed Report And Tag Your URLs

  1. Navigate to Reports, select the applicable report, and download it by clicking on the green File icon.
  2. Open your CSV and delete the report details rows (typically Rows 1 to 5), leaving the column headers as the first row of your file.
  3. Make sure that a) there is a destination URL value under the Destination URL column, and b) any tracking parameters have been stripped off. If using redirects in your destination URL, you will need to have the Click Through URL column instead of the Destination URL column. This column should be filled with your landing page URL without any parameters.
  4. Save the sheet as a Unicode file.

Upload Your Bulksheet

  1. From any object-level tab in MarinOne, click Upload to the top-right of the grid. 
  2. From the upload pane, use the drop-down in the top-left to select the object level of your upload (keywords, ads, etc.).
  3. If your file contains fewer than 1,000 rows, copy and paste the bulk sheet into the text box. Note the pre-set column headers, where optional columns are designated in [brackets]. Since you already have your required columns, be sure to replace the pre-set column headers with the contents of your upload
  4. If your file contains more than 1,000 rows, upload the file.
  5. Select whether you want to post the file now, or hold it for review. We recommend holding all files to allow time for QA and review.
  6. Click Submit.
  7. URL Builder will then append all tracking parameters to your URLs. Your file will be queued in the Activity Log, accessible from the top-right, anywhere in MarinOne. If you chose to hold your file, you will have to manually post the file by checking the box next to it and clicking Post when you are ready to send your changes to the publisher. Files in To Be Sent status will post to the publisher during the nightly sync.

Written by Marketing @ Marin Software

Last published at: June 27th, 2023