Marin Single Sign On (SSO)

Support Overview

Marin Software Single Sign On (SSO) support allows users to access Marin Software through the same credentials used for other enterprise applications. Marin Enterprise customers can delegate user authentication to a customer's existing authentication system such as Okta, Azure, or Google Auth. It’s a great way to log into the platform because it's secure, ensures your team has no downtime resetting forgotten passwords, and it saves time managing your team’s permissions. 


Attributes of Marin's SSO include:

  • Two-factor authentication or multi-factor authentication is enforced by the customer system.  
  • The customer system must support SAML2. 
  • Each SSO user must have a unique Marin username and valid password.
    • Marin Enterprise subscription includes unlimited user seats. 

Contact Marin support for detailed guidance on setting up SAML2 configurations specific to your authentication system.

Written by Megan Madden

Last published at: June 18th, 2024