Migrating MarinOne Bidding Strategies to Ascend


This document covers the enablement steps needed to onboard a pre-existing MarinOne Bidding Strategy onto “Dynamic Allocation”

Key Benefits

In addition to the usual benefits of MarinOne Bidding, opting into “Dynamic Allocation” goals brings the following benefits


  • Assumes there are already Strategies on MarinOne Bidding trafficking bids with either of the following goals
    • Maximize Convs. to CPA
    • Maximize Rev. to ROAS

Additional Details



  1. (Optional) If applicable, update goal type.  Dynamic Allocation with efficiency targets is compatible with the following goal types only
    1. Current side panel:
      1. Maximize Convs. to CPA
      2. Maximize Rev. to ROAS
      3. Maximize Convs. to Spend
      4. Maximize Rev. to Spend
  1. Critical user step: Enable toggle for “Dynamic Allocation” if goal type =  “Maximize Convs. to CPA” or “Maximize Rev. to ROAS”.  This ensures the goal is “episodic” (e.g. target apply over a timeframe)
    1. Not needed if the goal is “Maximize Convs. to Spend” or “Maximize Rev. to Spend” as these, by definition, are already episodic 
    2. Note: enabled by default for newly created Strategies in the new side panel (excluding bulk, multi-edit, legacy flows)
  2. Wait ~24hours, after which you will start to see campaign-level recommendations in the Grid and insights in Allocation Dashboard
  1. Review recommendations
    1. You can use the Saved View “Ascend - Dynamic Allocation” to view the most important columns, and look at the following fields:
      1. Rec. Campaign Budget
      2. Adj. Rec. Campaign Budget
      3. Rec. Campaign Budget Date
      4. Rec. Campaign Target
      5. Adj. Rec. Campaign Target
      6. Rec. Campaign Target Date
      7. Recommendation Adj.
    2. You can then also see the Allocation Dashboard (Optimize > Allocation)
  2. Once you are ready to migrate,  reach out to a Marin representative and ask for “Enable Marin Bidding with Ascend”



Written by Joe Southin

Last published at: July 8th, 2024